Food and Kitchen
Casinos present a major indoor air quality challenge, as cigarette smoke, food and human odours are ever present. Casinos compete to attract clients and provide pleasant environments where customers will be comfortable staying for extended periods of time. This objective is complicated by malodours from smoking, customer density and hygiene and other sources affecting even the most well-maintained and intensely-serviced properties. Interior spaces presenting bad smells retain clients for shorter periods of time and clients recall the experience in such spaces less positively.

PURE ved's Odour Remediation service has a proven record of success eliminating malodours in gaming and other high-traffic public spaces including cocktail lounges, sports bars, and discotheques and meeting rooms among others. PURE ved's Restroom Hygiene service neutralizes malodour in a way that repeated cleaning and conventional aerosol spraying cannot.

Casinos also represent an ideal opportunity to use scent to enhance indoor air quality with subtle aromas that please the clients, enhance visual themes and extend the brand image. Ambience services can be used alone or in combination with Odour Remediation to add pleasant and memorable aromas to any public space.