Fecal-urine odour in high-use restrooms is very difficult to address even in a frequently serviced and clean restroom. PURE ved's Restroom service can eliminate these odours in even the busiest public restrooms, such as airports, casinos, theatres, fitness centres and others.

Traditional aerosol spray dispensers produce heavy droplets of fragrances intended to mask odours. Concentrations of the fragrance product and propellants with potentially harmful VOCs are high within a small radius of the aerosol appliance and highly ineffective outside this radius. PURE ved's concentrations are ultra-low, contain no VOCs and provide uniform Odour Remediation throughout the space.

Conventional aerosol sprays saturate a small radius from the appliance (perhaps 5 or 6 feet) with high concentrations of scent to mask odours. Outside the small radius, these units are not effective.

PURE ved's uses its large-scale Odour Remediation technology to offer a smaller footprint appliance and a collection of odour neutralizers that set a new standard in restroom hygiene services. The PURE ved's Restroom Hygiene System combines an air treatment agent targeted at fecal-urine odours with a small computer controlled delivery appliance that is so effective that two appliances replaced 22 conventional hygiene sprayers in a major resort restroom.

The PURE ved's system can be programmed for use during operating hours and periods of peak usage to insure 100% uniform coverage throughout the space and a constant treatment level that continuously remediates odours. The delivery system is wall mounted or can be concealed. Service can also be provided through the HVAC.